The Government of Bangladesh, appreciating the role of science and technology in the national development of this very highly populated country have decided to promote research and are offering funds through various agenicies including through the Ministry of Education for the last 7/8 years. Heavily publicized jute genome sequencing is one of the projects the Government have generously funded to put the country in the map of the state of the art technology, and for extracting benefit of the technology for the development of the national economy. The Ministry of Education is keen to facilitiate creation of intellectual capital that can address todays issues, improve the quality of life, and provide an engine for economic growth by facilitating research and development across the country. Researchers and faculty members of research organizations and institutions of higher learning are invited to submit focussed project proposals leading to solution of important national and regional problems. The proposals will be evaluated by experts in the fields, and befitting funding will be made available based upon the potential of the proposal and the credential of researchers/investigators submitting the proposal.